FIFTYFaces Podcast

The Fiftyfaces Podcast started as a passion project during the summer lockdown of 2020.  Driven by a desire to tell stories of extraordinary people, the podcast quickly developed its own narrative resulting in 58 compelling interviews. 

As we told stories of people’s backgrounds and inspiration, we heard from colleagues who learned more from a 30-minute podcast about a work colleague than they had in 10 years of working with them.  We heard of long-lost connections who were re-forged and of empowering conversations which inspired students and trainees around the world.   We firmly believe that amplifying minority voices is essential to creating more representation, after all – you can’t be what you can’t see.

We have created Fiftyfaces Productions in order to continue the work of the Fiftyfaces Podcast.  The goal is to expand our narrative style to explore other professions and walks of life.  The possibilities are endless, and we are excited by the challenge ahead.